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History of Steel Frame Buildings

A History of Steel Buildings

The history of steel dates back to the 18th century, which is when steel finally made its debut as a popular building material. Back then, there were three types of materials using iron. Wrought iron… Read more »

Navy Steel Building | concrete vs steel buildings cost

Concrete vs Steel Buildings Cost Analysis

Typically, when a person begins considering a new building structure, whether it be for a residential home, garage or shed, storage building, or even a commercial building, the first question that needs to be answered… Read more »

40X50X16 Steel Truss Frame Erection in Nevada

Q&A: Steel Truss Frame vs. Rigid Frame

A support structure for a steel building kit can come in several different styles. As with most steel building kit companies, Simpson Steel Building Company sells a type of rigid structure (I-beam) or a hollow… Read more »

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