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Building Erection Manual

Simpson Steel Metal Building Kits

At Simpson Steel Building Company, we are committed to manufacturing quality building components that are designed to meet any structural requirements. Comprehensive building erection is essential to complete the structure of metal building kits to the satisfaction of the customer.

Our Building Erection Manual has been prepared to help guide the erection process of our metal building kits and reflects the techniques in use in the metal building industry believed to be most representative of good erection practices. These procedures and methods are by necessity general in nature. The erector should always, especially in special circumstances, use proven and safe erection methods.

This erection manual is intended as a supplement to the erection drawings that are furnished with each building. The erection drawings show the customer’s building as engineered and fabricated according to customer requirements. The building erection drawing will always govern with regard to construction details and specific building parts.

It is important to note that Simpson Steel Buildings is a manufacturer of metal building kits and building components, not engaged in the erection of its products. Opinions expressed about erection practices are intended to present only a recommendation guide as to how the components could be assembled to create a building.

How Much Do Steel Building Kits Cost?

You will want to start by planning your specific needs for the building, including where it will be erected and what you will be using it for, whether it be an agricultural building, storage unit, or so on. Then, depending on the size and structure design, the building kit will be priced out. Our expert team at Simpson Steel can help with cost determination.

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Simpson Steel Building Company is available to advise on any questions you may have regarding the construction of our metal building kits. Contact us today to get started on your next project.

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