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Types of Steel Buildings from Simpson Steel

As is common with steel building kit companies, Simpson Steel Building Company sells a type of rigid structure frame. What makes us unparalleled in the industry is that we have also developed and patented a steel truss design to complete with popular wooden trusses, which often leads to questions regarding our metal building kits. See our most frequently asked questions below.

What are the types of steel buildings offered at Simpson Steel?

We are proud to provide several steel building options for you to choose from based on what your custom structure needs are. This includes:

Steel Truss Frame: This patented steel truss design is a proprietary product of Simpson Steel

Rigid Frames: Wide and tall span, used for commercial and industrial needs

Mini Storage: Various layouts, usually base on a grid, are available

Non-Standard: These are specifically designed structures

Have additional questions about the types of steel buildings we offer? Contact us online or give us a call today to speak with our experienced team.

Are there color choices for my building?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of stock panel and trim colors, all of which fall under our 20-year warranty against fading, peeling, cracking or rust. Our color options include:

Polar White
Crimson Red
Rustic Red
Koko Brown
Saddle Tan
Desert Sand
Light Stone
Burnished Slate
Ash Gray
Charcoal Gray
Solar White
Hawaiian Blue
Cobalt Blue
Fern Green

See our comprehensive Color Chart here.

Have specific questions about our color selections? Contact us online or give us a call today to speak with our experienced team!

How do I design my building?

The engineers at Simpson Steel Buildings will work with you to draw out and design a custom prefabricated metal building. We have several types of steel buildings to choose from. Simply contact us today to get started with the design process!

What if I have questions while erecting my steel building?

Contact us! Simpson Steel Buildings is here to help advise and make recommendations along the way using our resources and experience. We also encourage you to read our Building Erection Manual, which includes erection best practices to use as a reference when you’re building.

Do I need a permit for my steel buildings?

You will need to contact your local building inspector to inquire about getting a permit for your steel structure, as it varies based on location. Simpson Steel offers various types of steel buildings that are capable of meeting all local codes and regulations.

Contact Our Steel Building Professionals

At Simpson Steel Building Company, our team is on hand and available to advise on any questions you may have regarding our metal building kits. To get started on your next steel building project, please request a steel truss quoterigid frame quote, or mini storage quote today.

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