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Lean-To's & Gable Extensions

Metal Roof Gable Extensions & Lean-To's

metal roof gable overhang & lean-toThere are many advantages to adding a lean-to or a metal roof gable extension to your steel building kit.

For the most part, these are used as an extra source of storage or protection for your assets. Whether it be trailers, boats, farming equipment, trucks or any other vehicle, lean-to’s and gable extensions effectively provide protection from whatever is being stored underneath it from rain, snow, wind, etc.

If you are building a horse barn or a barn for any livestock, adding a lean-to to allow the animals to wander from inside and outside with easy access if not fully enclosed. If your building will be used residentially, a lean-to can provide you with a beautiful matching porch.

Simpson Steel Building Company offers two different types of lean-tos: continuous and dropped. These are similar-looking in style but vary slightly.

steel buildingContinuous Lean-To

Most customers choose to go with a continuous lean-to with the same pitch as the main building’s roof. This has no gap between the building roof height to the lean-to roof height.

Dropped Lean-To

The other type would drop the lean-to down a few feet from the roof then start.  Either option, you can choose to have the same roof pitch as the main building, which is a 3:12 pitch, or you can change it to be a slightly flatter pitch at 1:12.

Gable Extension

A gable extension is an extension of the entire roof line past one of your endwalls.  This provides the same benefits as a lean-to, but it will be placed on a gable end rather than an eave sidewall.

If you have questions regarding our options for metal roof gable extensions or lean-to’s, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak with our experienced team. We’re here to help!

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