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Quality Metal Building Insulation

Simpson Steel Buildings offers a few different thicknesses of metal building insulation. We offer 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” options for both the roof and the walls.

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Our standard insulation has a VR facing that is very similar to TVEK house wrap. It is a white polypropylene scrim kraft facing and has a very superior vapor barrier and perm rating. The facing is laminated with a flame retardant adhesive that is reinforced with a tri-directional fiberglass/polyester to prevent rips and tears.

Most steel building kit companies offer the cheaper bubble pack foil insulation or the plain vinyl-backed insulation. Both offer much lower quality.

What Type of Insulation is Best for Metal Buildings?

3” insulation is the most common thickness used for several reasons. You can not compress any more than the 3” insulation and maintain the warranty on the wall panels.

metal building insulation | garage storage

If thicker insulations are compressed between the panel and the red iron, it creates a pucker in the panel that will hold water on the roof and not look great on the walls. Thicker insulations can be used but you will need to take a utility knife and cut some of the insulation away over the purlin in the roof and the girts in the walls so that they are not compressing more than the 3” of fiberglass.

Are you wondering if insulation is right for your metal building? Contact our experienced team at Simpson Steel Building Company today to learn more about your available options.

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