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Simpson Steel Metal Building with Wainscot

metal building with wainscotWhether you are looking for a way to give your new building a new, fresher look, add unique style to your building, or add value to your building, a great way to do so is with wainscoting. If you have seen a metal building with wainscot, you know what we’re talking about!

Used for decorative purposes as a design element, steel wainscoting is placed at the bottom edge around a metal building. Simpson Steel Building’s wainscoting is 4’ tall from the finished floor – there will be different colored panels below the wainscot trim/structure than the sheeting above. Wainscoting adds appeal to a usually large monotone area by breaking up space with a different color and is the same material as used on the rest of the wall. Wainscoting is a fairly inexpensive way to add an aesthetic feature to your steel building.

Wainscoting is timeless and classic. A building’s exterior architecture is the first impression for anyone who sees it. A wainscot provides visual interest to make your building more appealing and impressive. Simpson Steel Building Company offers the option of adding a 4’ tall wainscot for the entire building!

To learn more about our options for metal building with wainscot, please contact our experienced team at Simpson Steel today.

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