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Simpson Pre-Engineered Metal Building Details

pre-engineered metal building detailsWhile most counties do not require any kind of pre-engineered metal building details for your building permit to be approved, Simpson Steel Building Company understands that more and more counties are requiring engineering documentation for building kits in order to obtain a permit for their building. We have engineers licensed for all 50 states and can provide all necessary engineering documentation for your permit. In order to provide the most economical pricing on the market, we break our engineering documents into 3 different options. Some counties require all 3 items but if yours does not, there is no need to spend money on all of them.

Please be sure to check with your permit authority prior to purchasing your building kit. Submitting your building plans for approval and then discovering you need one of the following documents for approval can cause a delay in your project and end up bringing about unexpected costs.

Engineer Stamp on Drawings

This is the most required engineered documentation needed for obtaining your building permit. It consists of all your drawings and plans signed and stamped by our engineer that is licensed in all 50 United States. Engineer approved steel building plans expedite the building permitting process because building officials trust structural engineers that are willing to stamp the plans. Just as importantly, stamped plans for steel buildings provide assurance your structure is safe and will last. Our engineer will provide Stamped Drawings for $750. In most states, this will be the only additional engineering requirement for permitting.

Engineer Stamp on Design Calculations

Design calculations stamped by an engineer for your buildings can sometimes be required by stricter county permit authorities. These are essentially the math behind how much each individual piece of a steel building kit can handle. Design calculations are a very detailed engineering process, usually consisting of 100 or more pages of computations involving the reactions, stress, movements, etc of every nut, bolt, washer, beam, columns, sheets, etc. Design Calculations can be purchased from our engineer for $1,200.

Engineer Stamp on Foundation Plans

Some county permit authorities also require having your foundation plans for your building stamped and signed by an engineer as well. Our engineer will provide these plans for an additional $1,250. A local engineer may be a good choice as well to have these plans put together as the local engineer should be more familiar with soil conditions which are the most important factor in foundation design. Our engineer would need to provide the column reactions from the building for the local engineer to use which would cost an additional $300.

If you have additional questions about our pre-engineered metal building details and options, please contact us at Simpson Steel Building Company to speak with our team.

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