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Red Iron Steel

Simpson Steel Red Iron Steel Buildings

red iron steel buildingsRed iron steel or structural steel is one of the most frequently used steel types for buildings all around the world. It provides incredible strength and durability making it perfect for long-lasting structures.

Red iron steel is made to resist rusting over the life of its usefulness. The steel is coated with iron oxide which creates a barrier that prevents water from having contact with the steel. Adding the iron oxide is also what gives the steel its unique red color. This is a primer coating and can be painted as well if desired.

As opposed to wooden structured buildings, steel is naturally fire-resistant as the material is non-combustible. This is important when you are concerned about storing volatile items. The decreased fire risk could also help reduce insurance costs.

Red iron steel is considered one of the best building materials for standing the test of time. One main reason is its ability to resist decay and insects. Termites are a big enemy of wooden structured buildings as they form colonies in the wood and eat away at the structure until it falls apart. With steel, termites and bugs are not a concern.

The strength of red iron steel is immediately evident in Simpson Steel Building Company kits. It allows for clear span buildings because of its high tensile strength and can support a load of a building just from the frame. Using red iron steel in our buildings provides a great building that can be used for any project you can imagine.

If you have additional questions about red iron steel or other characteristics of our metal building kits, please contact our team at Simpson Steel Building Company.

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