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Steel Building Types

Steel Frame Buildings

At Simpson Steel Building Company, we are experts in the design and construction of steel frame buildings. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with durable and cost-effective building solutions that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

Our steel frame buildings are constructed using high-quality materials, which ensures that they are able to withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as the wear and tear associated with daily usage. We also offer a variety of customization options, allowing our clients to choose the perfect design elements for their projects.

Our metal frame buildings are also crafted using top-quality materials, providing unmatched durability and longevity. These buildings offer a sleek aesthetic, which is perfect for modern and contemporary design styles.

We are committed to delivering top-notch service and support to our clients throughout the entire building process. So whether you are in need of a steel frame building or a metal frame building, you can count on Simpson Steel Building Company for reliable, efficient, and high-quality construction solutions.

The steel building manufacturers at Simpson Steel Building Company are committed to delivering quality and excellence with the steel buildings we manufacture and distribute. If you’re looking for steel buildings for sale and have something specific in mind, talk to our experts today about how we can find and supply you with a building that meets your expectations and fits your needs.

Quality Steel Buildings

We only use the highest-quality materials and components to manufacture our durable and long-lasting steel buildings. And our unique steel truss design meets all building code requirements while providing structural and cost-effective advantages compared to other steel buildings for sale.

Our manufacturers are able to create an array of steel buildings to meet the needs of our customers including, but not limited to, the following product options:

  • Mini storage: We offer different mini storage layouts, usually based on a grid.
  • Rigid frames: If you are looking for rigid frames for a commercial or industrial project, explore our wide and tall span options.
  • Truss frame: Our patented steel truss frame design is our proprietary product and provides numerous benefits for cost, durability, and structural soundness.

Because we are able to manufacture high-volumes of steel buildings for our customers, we can offer top-quality buildings and components at affordable prices. We prioritize our customers’ needs and provide high-caliber workmanship to make sure every detail is just right.

Exceptional Service

Our priorities are our customers and the quality of our products. We are experienced and can handle your project, taking into consideration any unique needs specific requests. If you are looking for a steel building for sale, talk to our manufacturers today. We’ll work with you to incorporate your layout components and any state and local building codes.

After we’ve manufactured your building and shipped it to you, you can erect the building with our easy-to-follow manual and plans.

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