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Important Tips for Metal Truss Building Kits

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Buying and planning a new building can sometimes seem very confusing and a bit overwhelming. It is a big purchase and one that typically has great significance in one’s life depending on the planned use of the building. Whether it be a new garage or shop for working on your hot rods or a new storage shed for all your farming equipment, getting the building just right for you is crucial. Metal truss building kits are one of the best and easiest types of building kits on the market for just about any project you can think of!

Benefits of Metal Truss Building Kits

Less expensive than standard I-beam structures. Metal truss building kits use trusses for structural support rather than huge I-beam’s. This means they will use less steel but will provide the same amount of structural support as I-beams. Less steel is a big money saver!

Easier to construct. Metal truss building kits are completely bolted together kits. No welding is necessary, which can save a huge amount of time and energy. You also will not need any cranes for a metal truss building kit. Typically, all that is needed is a Bobcat or Forklift. The truss structures will be built on the ground and then hoisted up onto the columns with the forklift and bolted to the columns.

Less labor required. Because there will be no welding needed and no cranes necessary, your project should be completed faster and with less labor. If you are choosing to hire a contractor, you should save money using a metal truss building kit as they will spend less time on the project and use less large equipment.

How to Prepare for Your Building Kit Project

Steel truss frame buildings are the most economical building available when the conditions are appropriate – essentially when there are not heavy snow loads or outside of width or height restrictions.

Here are several suggestions to help you dive into your project a little more prepared and a little less overwhelmed:

1. Plan ahead before buying a metal truss building kit

Draw out your building in as good of detail as you can. The more details that can be provided to a metal truss building kit supplier, the easier the process will be. Answer these questions:

  • What size building is needed and for what purpose?
  • How many overhead door openings, walk door openings, and window openings are needed? What size will they all be? And where will they all be located on the building?
  • Will insulation be needed?
  • What type of accessories are needed? Gutters, wainscot, overhangs, lean-tos, etc.
  • To obtain your building permit, does your permit authority require Engineered Stamped Drawings? Engineered Design Calculations? Engineered Foundation Plans?

Knowing the answers to these questions in advance of purchasing will save you time and energy and protect you from any costly changes or delays that could come up later. It’s never fun to start moving forward with a project only to have surprise costs come up as you discover you needed or wanted something that wasn’t initially thought of.

2. Know your building codes and regulations

One of the biggest questions we get is “Does this building kit meet my local building codes and regulations?” Your metal truss building kit supplier should be able to provide a building kit that meets just about any building code or regulation; however, metal building companies are not responsible for determining what those codes and regulations are for you. You will need to speak with your local building permit authority to acquire the codes and regulations needed. Here are the main items to look for:

  • What is the ground snow load requirement?
  • What is the wind load requirement?
  • Do they require Engineered Stamped Drawings?
  • Do they require Engineered Design Calculations?
  • Do they require Engineered Foundation Plans?

3. Be cautious of “amazing” deals

During your search for the best building for you, you are bound to see some “amazing deals” out there. Be sure to compare the building types you are looking at. There are many different types of buildings so when comparing prices, be sure you are comparing apples to apples. The most common comparison we see that is not truly apples to apples is a tubular building structure versus metal truss building kits. A tubular building kit may be less expensive than a metal truss building kit, but the quality of a tubular building is not the same. Metal truss building kits use the same red iron material as I-beam kits, making them much stronger than tubular buildings and will most definitely last longer. Make sure you are getting the best price possible, but not by making an unwise decision.

4. Pay attention to who you are purchasing from

There will be several companies that will seem enticing to buy from. Be sure to research each one before deciding to make your purchase. A few things to consider:

  • Check their business ratings.
  • Find out more about their company history. How long have they been around? Who is operating the company? Have they provided buildings for similar projects in the past? What is their expertise within the industry?
  • See if they can provide references of past projects. Take time to call or visit references provided if possible, to get a better idea of the kind of product you are looking at.

Researching the company that you are considering should be very easy in this day and age and it is very important to do so. Make sure you choose a reputable company to help with your project!

5. Make sure all of your paperwork matches up to what you need

Don’t allow anyone to push you into a verbal agreement. Have them provide the following information and be sure to review it thoroughly before moving forward:

Written Contract – Be cautious of companies that push you to purchase faster or take delivery quicker by sliding you past the paperwork stage. This could set you up for loopholes or worse. Have them provide a written contract for the purchase and review it thoroughly before buying or placing your deposit.

Building Code Verification – While you will be responsible for providing the information needed in order for your building kit supplier to meet your local building codes, be sure the contract shows your purchase will adhere to your local building codes.

Metal truss building kits can last for well over 20 years and need very little maintenance to do so. They are a great value for buyers and can make your project a lot easier! Buying a metal truss building kit is challenging and there will be a lot going on. Be sure to do your homework and the project should move forward smoothly.

Just remember that buying the cheapest option is not always the best way to go. Know who you are buying from, what type of building you are buying, and review the paperwork a few times before purchasing! Most importantly, have fun with your project!!

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