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Simpson Steel Metal Building Dimensions

metal building dimensionsSimpson Steel Building Company offers steel building kits in almost any size building you can think of! We’ve done buildings as small as 15’ wide by 20’ long all the way up to 200’ by 400’ long. Whatever your project may be, we can help provide the metal building dimensions you need.

Our feature building, the steel truss structure, is a great option for buildings of smaller sizes up to some fairly large sizes. It does have some limitations. Our steel truss structure has a maximum width of 50’ wide and a maximum height of 18’ tall. It can be any length necessary, however. For buildings or projects that require more than a 50’ width or 18’ height, we would simply switch to a rigid frame structure.

Rigid frames are large I-beam type buildings that can be used for almost any sized building you could imagine. They do not have the size limitations of a steel truss structure but pricing may be slightly higher due to the use of more steel in the structure.

Questions about our metal building dimensions? Please contact our team at Simpson Steel Building Company today.

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