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Light Transmitting Panels

Natural Light Transmitting Panels from Simpson Steel

light transmitting panelsIf you are looking for ways to add more natural light to your steel building, one of the best ways to do so is to add light transmitting panels. Most people think of these panels only being placed on the roof, usually referred to as a skylight. Customers can often become confused as they are picturing skylights used in residential construction.

Translucent panels can be placed on the walls as well. In fact, more times than not, steel buildings have these panels installed directly under the eave of their building rather than on the roof. Light transmitting panels are much less involved than actual skylights as well. These panels are clear, translucent panels that match the profile of the wall or roof panels of your steel building. When installing, you would simply remove a section of the PBR panel and replace it with the light transmitting panel.

The big question that we receive about these panels on most occasions is “should I put them on my roof or on my walls?” Simpson Steel Buildings highly recommends that you do not put any type of skylight or translucent paneling on the roof of your steel building as any modification to the roof can lead to a higher risk of leakage somewhere down the road. We recommend that you place these panels directly under the eave of your steel building as this will provide you with the most natural lighting and at the same time prevent future possibilities of water leaking.

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