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Metal Building Trim from Simpson Steel

Trim provides a more polished finish and boosts the aesthetics of your building. Simpson Steel Building Company offers several metal building trim options for our structures, including rake trip, eave trip, and base trim.

metal building trim rake trimRake Trim

Rake trim is a flashing designed to close the opening between the roof and end wall panels. It is placed along the roofline at the sloped sides at the end of a building’s gable. Simpson Steel Building Company’s rake trim provides a perfect look and fit. Our rake trim fits perfectly and is easy to install.

Bends on the flashing provide strength and match the lines of our other edge trims. Finish off the install with a sealant to achieve a watertight seal. They will help with preventing debris, birds, and other vermin from finding a way inside our building. Closures are also provided to fit over the PBR ridges and to close up a gap. Our rake trim also matches the profile of our gutters to provide a smooth, beautiful finish to our buildings.

metal building trim eave trim

Eave Trim

Eave trim is used to cover up the eave struts. These are used when there are no gutters are being added to a steel building.

metal building trim base trim

Base Trim

Base trim is used to seal off the bottom of the wall panel. This trim goes behind the wall panel, extends under the panel, attaches to the base angle or base girt and seals off the bottom of the sheet.

If you have additional questions about our metal building trim options, please contact us at Simpson Steel Building Company.

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