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Liner Panel

Metal Building Interior Liner Panels

metal building interior liner panels

Metal building interior liner panels are walls of steel paneling found on the interior of a building. Much like exterior walls, liner panels are 3’ wide pieces that are screwed to the framing. These panels come in both full-height and partial-height.

Full-Height Liners

  • Run from the floor to the roof
  • Attach to the top to the eave struts on the sidewalls
  • Attach to the rake rafter on the endwalls

Partial-Height Liners

  • Attach to the girt at around 7’ tall
  • Buildings with liner panels must have a “base girt” that offers a point of connection for the bottom of the panel.

Benefits of Liner Panels

Metal building interior liner panels provide three distinct advantages when utilized for steel building kits.

metal building interior liner panels

The first is that they give an upgraded appearance – they offer a more finished look for the interior of a steel building.

The second is that panel liners protect interior insulation, as insulation that isn’t reinforced can sometimes tear. Even the strongest reinforced materials can still be damaged by equipment or sharp tools.

The third is the protection of exterior walls, which can handle a lot of suffering but are still at the mercy of being punctured or dented by heavy equipment. Using a steel panel liner in your metal building will perform better and cost much less than competing materials.

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