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Frame Types

Steel Frame Construction Types for Metal Buildings

Steel Structure on Concrete | Steel frame construction typesSimpson Steel Building Company knows that frames can vary based on what your steel building is being used for, which is why we offer several frame construction types to choose from.

Steel Truss Frame

Simpson Steel Building Company’s steel truss frame is one of the most economically priced steel building kits on the market. It offers a symmetrical clear span gable frame. Clear span gable symmetrical frames require no interior support beams, which will provide an unobstructed interior that is great for almost any application including retail, office, garage use, or airplane hangers just to name a few. It is symmetrical meaning that it is double sloped with the peak being in the center of the building.

Clear Span Rigid Frame

When you are working on a large building and have a need for a large open area inside your building, the clear span rigid frame can be a great choice for your project. Suitable for almost all applications, clear span rigid frames can be designed as symmetrical or asymmetrical style buildings.

Multi-Span Rigid Frame

The multi-span (beam-and-column) system is ideal in situations when a vast area of floor space is necessary. The flexibility of the multi-span column design allows it to be utilized for any industrial or warehouse purpose.


A lean-to frame connects to and is supported by the main building frame. Lean-to’s can be a very economical way to expand the size or storage of a building. Lean-to frames will either follow the existing building roof slope or can be placed below the eave in order to allow more clearance underneath the lean-to. Lean-to frames must be supported by the attachment to another main building frame.

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