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Gutters & Downspouts

Metal Building Gutters & Downspouts

Metal building gutters and downspouts could be your next building’s best friend. When well-maintained, these drainage systems collect the water from rain and melting snow and divert it through the downspouts that are channeled beyond the foundation boundaries. This helps to minimize how much precipitation lands on or around your building, paying extra attention to locations where water may be puddling.

metal building gutters & downspoutsGutters and downspouts will keep the ground around the building from becoming waterlogged and the rainwater from potentially being absorbed into the foundation where it could cause severe damage to the structure.

The best thing about the gutters offered by Simpson Steel Building Company is the aesthetic appeal. The gutters have an exact profile match to the rake trim coming down the gable end. These are tied together with a corner box for a superior look to the building. The gutters can be included in addition to overhangs, but they are 8” so they have enough presence on the building to distract from there being no overhangs if you choose not to add overhangs. They are also a lesser cost than the overhang option so this is often recommended in lieu of overhangs.

To learn more about the benefits of adding gutters and downspouts to your metal building, please contact our team at Simpson Steel Building Company today.

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