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Shipping Prefab Metal Building Kits

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Simpson Steel Building Company has sold and shipped prefab metal building kits to numerous satisfied buyers across the continental United States, Alaksa, and Hawaii.

We enjoy a great advantage when it comes to freight costs for shipping prefabricated steel building kits. Most steel building companies must add a large amount of extra cost to the buildings to cover freight, but Simpson Steel Buildings ship out of 11 locations nationwide which helps to significantly reduce the cost of our buildings. This helps us help you, as freight cost is included in the building prices.

We also take the extra steps to ensure building kits are traveling safely. Shipped materials are nested together for economical shipping, and insulation is shipped in a covered van to protect the product from the elements. Any clips or gusset plates are shipped by way of UPS Ground Service. Please note, it is the customer’s responsibility to unload the steel building upon delivery.

If you have additional questions about our shipping services, please contact us directly at Simpson Steel Building Company.

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