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Wall and Roof Sheeting

Rib Steel Roof Panel and Wall Sheeting for Metal Buildings

rib steel roof panelsSimpson Steel Building Company uses PBR steel panels for both the walls of our buildings and the roofs of our buildings. PBR stands for Purlin Bearing Rib panels. PBR panels are formed with deep trapezoid-shaped “ribs”. Smaller ribs fashioned between the deeper ribs provide added strength without adding weight to the panels. Because of this, rib steel roof panels are very economical and increase the visual appeal of the building.

Our PBR panels are 26-gauge steel with a 1 ¼” rib height giving it increased strength. PBR panels overlap more between panels than other types of panels. The greater overlap creates a stronger joining where shorter overlap produces a much weaker connection. It also increases waterproofing with more metal-to-metal contact.

The PBR panels are lightweight for ease of use and cuts easily. They will not rot, mildew or warp and can form an effective pesticide-free barrier against termites and insects. PBR steel panels are non-combustible. Resistance to fire can help lower insurance costs.

Simpson Steel Building Company uses a maximum of 26-gauge material for its sheeting. This provides a sturdy building that will not easily be damaged. Some manufacturers are lighter gauge material, but this is not recommended. We can also upgrade the gauge of the material for an even stronger sheeting for an additional cost.

If you have additional questions about our PBR panels, please feel free to contact us directly at Simpson Steel Building Company.

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