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Colored Roof

Roof Colors for Metal Buildings

steel roof colorsSimpson Steel Building Company’s standard metal building kits will come with an unpainted, galvanized finish on the roof panels. We do offer a colored, painted roof though, and we offer 14 different steel roof colors for you to choose from to make it your own.

While adding a colored roof will give your building a much more aesthetically pleasing look, there are also other benefits to painting the roof. Having a colored roof provides an extra protective coating that helps improve the durability of the steel and prolong its life. It’s also a good way to go green! A light-colored roof can help reduce the heat island effect and lower energy costs by reflecting solar rays away from the building.

We are here to help! To learn more about our color options and what might be the best decision for your steel building project, please contact our team at Simpson Steel Building Company today.

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