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Continuous Ridge Vent

Metal Building Ridge Vents

metal building ridge ventsSimpson Steel Building Company offers continuous metal building ridge vents for all our steel building kits. Regardless of what your building is being used for, a continuous ridge vent can help ensure optimum airflow and premium comfort inside your steel building.

What is a Continuous Ridge Vent?

Ridge ventilators easily move fresh air through buildings of all sizes, including heavy industrial operations. Meanwhile, they remove hot, stale air – as well as air that’s been contaminated by manufacturing or production processes.

The benefits of a ridge vent last year-round. During warm summer months, ridge vents release heat naturally. When winter temperatures take over, having proper ventilation will help control condensation and other moisture issues, including rust, deteriorated insulation and product or equipment damage.

If you have any questions about how our continuous ridge vents can benefit your steel building, please contact our experienced team at Simpson Steel Building Company today to learn more.

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