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Expandable Endwall

Steel Building Framing Expandable Endwalls

steel building framingDepending on what you plan to use your building for, as time passes, you may need to extend the building to provide more space. Simpson Steel gives you the option of adding an expandable endwall for your steel building framing.

What is an Expandable Endwall?

An expandable endwall provides the additional structure to extend the building length at a later date. We essentially add an extra steel truss to the end of the building so the building is ready for the extension later on.

When this is added, the endwall is now engineered to carry a load of half the adjoining bay plus another half-bay if extended in the future. Additional framing ordered for remodeling will not require two endwalls. The new metal building framing simply attaches to the existing endwall. This saves engineering time and money on any future expansion project. If additional floor space may be needed as the business grows or your needs grow, expandable endwalls are a smart choice.

If you have questions about whether you need an expandable endwall for your steel building framing, please contact our expert team at Simpson Steel Building Company today.

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