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Secondary Framing

Steel Frame Building Types for Metal Buildings

Simpson Steel Building Company only uses the highest-graded U.S. manufactured material available for our steel frame building kits. Typically our secondary framing will be made of red oxide, including the following.

steel frame building eave

Eave Strut

Eave struts are a structural member, usually C-shaped, that is bolted on top of the rafters on the outer edges of a building. They are size 8” by 5 ½” by 3 ¼”. Eave struts are located at the eave of a building that supports roof and wall paneling.

steel building frame purlin


Purlins are horizontal structural members which support the roof covering. They are cold-formed from steel in the shape of a Z. Our purlins are 2 ½” by 8” in size. We utilize uneven legs on our “Z” shapes to improve erection time and to increase the overall strength of the member. Since the “Z”s are designed to nest, the erector must be aware that the flange should be up on odd number bays and down on even number bays to allow the members to seat properly.

simpson steel building girts


Girts are horizontal structure members that are attached to sidewall or end wall columns and supports sheeting. They are 2 ½” by 8” in size. Girts are C shaped members that support wall panels and resist wind loads.

If you have additional questions about our secondary framing options, please contact our team at Simpson Steel Building Company.

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