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Simpson Steel Metal Building Components

Truss Building Sketch | Metal Building ComponentsSimpson Steel Building Company has been a trusted steel building manufacturer since 1980, providing the highest quality pre-engineered steel buildings and kits. We are proud to offer a variety of options to customize your steel buildings, meeting local codes and regulations in the process. Some of the metal building components we offer include:

Simpson Steel buildings are sustainable, economical and affordable, low-maintenance, energy-efficient, durable and perform well in inclement weather. Our design uses steel trusses as the support system for the building and we custom design the building to fit your individual layout. The base building is designed to withstand a 20-pound ground snow load and 105 mph winds. Our steel truss building kits can be designed to handle higher snow or wind loads by increasing the framework, and we also offer a rigid frame building design for building requirements outside of certain parameters.

Between our gold-standard quality kits that are manufactured in the U.S. and the wide range of metal building components we have to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect steel building for your needs. Have questions about our buildings? Contact our team today!

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