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10 Benefits of Using Steel Truss Buildings for Agricultural Industry

Steel Agricultural Building

For centuries, farm buildings have been used around the globe. Steel building trusses have only recently come into play but they are quickly taking over in the agricultural industry. Functions of steel truss buildings are about the same as the old wood pole barns, but they offer many different advantages over traditional wood-framed structures. Here are 10 benefits of using a steel truss building in the agricultural industry:

1. Fast Assembly – Steel building trusses are pre-engineered. Because they are pre-engineered, using steel building trusses as your building kit will make for a quick build. After the building is delivered to the job site, an average size structure can be assembled in as fast as a few weeks. Steel trusses being pre-engineered should help you avoid weather delays, improve efficiency while constructing, and save time and money on labor during construction.

2. Affordability – As mentioned before, steel building trusses are pre-engineered. In more detail, this means the parts are manufactured at a factory and then delivered to the job site where it is easier to put them together. This will reduce the total labor and material costs across the board. Steel building truss kits will also save you architectural design and engineering costs because a premanufactured steel building comes with a set of engineered plans and specifications for you to submit to the local building department for review and approval.

3. Multi-Purpose – Steel truss buildings can be used for all kinds of different applications. Whether you need a barn to keep livestock or horses is in or if you need an extra building for storage of equipment, a steel truss building is a perfect option! Here are just a few ideas of uses for a steel truss building kit:

  • Barns & Stables
  • Machine Sheds
  • Riding Arenas
  • Extra Storage
  • Covered Recreation Area

4. Clear Span Buildings with Open Spaces – Steel building trusses provide a full building that is clear span throughout. The precision engineering behind steel building trusses helps eliminate the need for interior support posts. This can be very helpful when moving equipment or machinery indoors by not impeding any movements.

5. Almost Completely Maintenance Free – Regardless of if your agricultural business involves growing crops or raising livestock, there is no time for you to have to worry about repainting your barn. Time is money in this industry. Steel truss buildings will not need to be re-painted thus eliminating a chore that doesn’t help generate any revenue. You may need to hose some dust off from time to time if you want, but that’s about it.

6. Durability – In comparison to wood frame structures or wood pole barns, steel truss buildings simply last longer. Wood framing has a much higher likelihood of rotting out, where steel building trusses will last many, many years longer.

7. Fire/Weather Resistant – Steel building trusses provide better protection from high-winds, lightning, fire, mold, earthquakes, termites and aging than any other building system.

8. Customizable – Contrary to popular belief, steel buildings are very much customizable. You can choose the color you’d like, add a wainscot, add overhangs to the roof, or even add a lean-too to your steel truss building kit. Most importantly, steel building trusses allow you to choose how many overhead door openings, walk door openings, and window openings that you’d like to have. You then also choose the size and location of the openings you want!

9. Insulated – Steel truss buildings will allow you to insulate your building. The insulation is secured by the structure (sandwiched in between the wall sheeting and framing). This provides a full vapor barrier for the building. If the building is being used for storing equipment and other items that are not affected by the hot or cold, there may be no need for insulation. If it will be used as a type of workshop or anything that may need to be heated or cooled, adding insulation to your steel truss building kit should add superior energy efficiency.

10. Pass Government Requirements – Many farmers still believe that they have no choice but to use a wood structure for their barns because they still assume that steel structures will not pass local requirements. This is simply not true. Steel buildings are better for barn and agricultural use and of course, they can pass all local and state building laws and requirements. If it seems you have a special requirement for your area, be sure to let your steel truss building company know about it so they are aware and can provide you with a building that will pass your permit reviews.

At the end of the day, the goal of any farm building is to provide shelter and protection for whatever is being stored or housed within it. Steel truss buildings just happen to do a better job and steel build truss buildings last far longer than wood-framed structures!

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