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How To Reduce Metal Building Construction Costs

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Making the decision to build with steel is the first step in helping to make sure that your construction costs stay as low as possible. Controlling metal building construction costs starts with the customer and never stops. Metal building systems are efficient structures that allow erectors to deliver high-value construction on a precise budget. Because all the details of construction are worked out before the job starts, fewer mistakes will be made and that is where the true savings in metal building cost can be found.

Steel and metal buildings can be prefabricated which means once the kit is delivered, it just needs to be erected. Constructing any kind of building is involved, but pre-engineered metal building costs are much less than other construction materials and costs. Construction of any structure can get expensive if you are not controlling costs. Here are several ways you can help cut your metal building costs:

Build It Yourself

If you consider yourself somewhat handy or very handy, you can probably erect your own metal building! This alone would save thousands of dollars in construction costs. Simpson Steel Building Company’s steel truss building kits are designed as a DIY type of building. A large portion of our customers successfully complete and build their own metal building kits. We do recommend choosing professional erectors for the larger sized building kits, but it is not required.

Double Check the Order

Measure twice, cut once. Make sure you purchase your metal building kit from a supplier that takes the time to go back and double-check for errors, omissions, and duplications when preparing the material for your metal building. Check that there is good communication between the sales team and ordering team. Any error involving wrong material or missed material can cause delays in the project which can increase metal building costs.

Check the Material When it Arrives

The potential for problems is large and varied. Pieces can be damaged, missing, or the wrong color. There is nothing worse than getting something half-built only to discover you have missing or broken pieces. Check everything upon delivery and make sure it is all correct. If it isn’t, you’ve now caught it and can avoid any surprise metal building costs before the project gets too far.

Use the Correct Equipment

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Trying to move materials on-site with equipment not designed to handle it means more lost time and more metal building costs. Conversely, having a crane that is too big or even at all when you don’t need it wastes large amounts of money because of the additional rental costs. Simpson Steel Building Company kits do not require a crane at all. The largest piece of equipment you’ll need is a forklift or Bobcat of some kind.

Work Safely

Aside from wanting to stay away from getting hurt, when people do get injured, there are consequences: a drop in production, a hit to your insurance and conscience, and depending on the injury, could even result in large medical bills. Make sure any contractors you hire provide all the necessary equipment and essential training for their staff to avoid any work injuries and if you are putting the building up yourself, take care and work safely.

Start the Punch List Early

The end of any construction job means there are details to finish and resolve before the work is complete. Managing the punch list carefully can be the difference between a profit or a loss on the job. Most contractors like to start the punch list a month early. This helps you avoid nasty surprises that waste time and cost money.

Avoid Changes to Orders

Make sure you are getting everything right the first time. Having to send a metal building kit back through engineering even before the material has been ordered can be very costly. Engineers charge each time they are needed so if they have to go back through and redo any of the work they did due to a change being made on a project, they will charge fully for the new work. If you decide to change anything after the material has already been ordered, you’re in even more trouble. You’ll be on the hook for the wrong material that has already been ordered and the new material you need for the project. This may lead to you not getting the building the way you want if you do not want to pay the extra costs or it can lead to a much higher metal building cost naturally as you are paying for wrong material and the right material.

To learn more about how you can achieve metal building cost savings, please contact us at Simpson Steel Building Company today.

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