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6 Efficient Lighting Options for Your Metal Building

Metal Building Lighting Choices

Metal Building Lighting Options

When designing your perfect garage, workshop, storage, or even your new barndominium, you should pay attention to how you plan on setting up your metal building lighting. Here are 6 great options for you to consider. Think about combining options that will provide you with both a good amount of natural light and artificial light for your metal building!

Light Transmitting Panels

The most efficient way to add light to your metal building will be to use the sun! Light transmitting panels are a perfect way to add a lot of natural light to your structure. These translucent panels reflect heat while also continuing to let light in. Also, by wisely choosing the amount of these panels on your metal building, they can control the amount of light that enters to increase visibility. Productivity improves for most people when working in a naturally lit environment. An additional benefit of light-transmitting panels is that they will help reduce how many electrical lights you will need, thus shrinking your energy bill.

LED Lights

LED lights have recently taken over the lighting industry. They are a much more efficient lighting option than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs due to their superior light quality, longevity, and brightness. Because LED lights are more energy-efficient, they are considered environmentally friendly as they minimize the carbon footprint that other lights produce. There are a few different styles of LED lights that you can use for your metal building lighting.

Hanging LED Bulbs

Hanging LED bulbs have become a very popular option for metal buildings as they seem to be comparatively inexpensive, easily replaceable, and use bulbs that are widely available. The life span of LED bulbs is much longer than incandescent bulbs and operate with no issues in hot or cold temperatures. This is important as your metal building will be outside and will not have the same insulation as your home or other similar structures.

T8 LED Tube Lights

T8 LED tube lights are designed to replace T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes. These lights are FCC compliant, use only 16-watt of energy, and typically come with a lifetime warranty. In addition, these lights will not burn out and do not need constant replacement. They are a perfect option for your metal building if you are using it as a garage or workspace. You will be able to get your work done and keep the costs low throughout the years!

Mobile LED Lighting

The need for extra lighting will depend on your planned usage for your metal building. Adding LED lights on stands to your building can help when you need a better focus on attention to detail for your projects.


Skylights, while not recommended by Simpson Steel Building Company, are another good option to add to the lighting on your metal building. These should be used as a complement to other light sources to provide a great combination of natural and artificial light.

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