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Bolt-Together vs. Weld-Together Steel Buildings

Choosing Between Weld-Together and Bolt-Together Metal Buildings

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One of the bigger decisions that you will come across as you begin planning your steel building is going to be deciding which type of structure you should purchase. There are many different types of steel buildings to choose from. Let’s look at some differences between bolt-together metal buildings and weld-together metal buildings.

Bolt-Together Steel Buildings

bolt together metal buildings

Bolt-together steel buildings are prefabricated by a manufacturer. They are completely bolted-together structures that require zero weldings while constructing. You will, in fact, see parts of the building that are welded together but this does not happen on the job site. It is done at the manufacturer prior to it being shipped. Bolt-together steel building kits are used for all types of buildings, whether it be a garage or workshop, mini storage building, or even some heavier duty industrial or commercial applications.


There are many benefits to using a bolt-together metal building. They are easily the best choice for owners who may decide to expand their building down the road. Durability for bolt-together buildings is another benefit. They can handle remarkably high wind areas as well as heavy snow load areas. Bolt-together buildings are more cost-efficient for several reasons. Construction costs are much less expensive than weld-together kits, they take less time to erect, and maintenance is minimal for the life of these steel buildings.

Weld-Together Steel Buildings

weld together metal buildings

A weld-together metal building is simply a building that has permanently welded together with steel frame members. Just like with bolt-together buildings, these can be used for many purposes.


Weld-together buildings also have their own benefits. They have a smaller up-front cost compared to bolt-together buildings because they are not typically engineered. All the parts are measured and cut on the job site as well which can allow for quicker delivery of the materials.

Which is the Better Choice?

How do you know which building type to go with when choosing between weld-together and bolt-together metal buildings?

Weld-together steel buildings tend to be less costly upfront, while bolt-together steel buildings will end up costing less long term. Construction time for bolt-together buildings is also shorter than weld-together and owners can build the structure themselves rather than having to pay for a contractor. Weld-together buildings can be exceedingly difficult to modify if you ever need to alter the building or expand it, while it is much easier to alter or expand bolt-together buildings.

Here at Simpson Steel Building Company, we prefer bolt-together steel building kits because of all the extra advantages that they offer.

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