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How to Renovate Your Prefab Metal Building

Prefab Metal Building Construction & Renovation

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Steel buildings are a much easier building to renovate or repair than any other type of building due to their interchangeable steel components. This is just one of the many reasons steel buildings have taken over the building industry. Most customers feel more comfortable taking on prefab metal building construction knowing that, under the rare circumstance their building does get damaged or they decide to expand, it will be much less of a hassle than other structures. Renovating a steel structure can be done in much less time and for much less money than other structures whether it be roof maintenance, accessory repair, building expansion or paint touch ups.

Regular Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance will be the most common area on a steel building that will require maintenance and repairs. While Simpson Steel Building Company uses extremely durable materials that can stand up to all types of weather conditions, the roof will be the part of your building that will end up damaged the most often.

Dark Green-Blue Garage with OverhangYou will want to inspect your building a couple of times a year to be sure that a minor repair does not turn into a very costly repair by not taking care of it on time. Heavy rains, hail, windstorms, or snow can cause immediate damage. Check the roof for any loose materials or small punctures after these events. Anytime someone ends up on top of your roof, check for potential damage as well.

If a leak ever happens with your building, caulking the roof is never the correct remedy. It is a very temporary fix and will end up causing bigger issues down the road. Caulk loses its bond which then allows water to get in between the repair and roof panel. This could cause warping or corrosion. You should instead take the damaged area apart and reinstall it with fresh sealant.

Building Accessory Upkeep

Accessories can also become damaged on metal buildings. If your building has translucent or light transmitting panels, be on the look out for dirt or snow build up. These will make it difficult to see where the panels begin and end. You will need to clean these items periodically to make sure they continue to allow light in for the life of the building.

Gutters on Tan Metal Building

Gutters & downspouts collect all kinds of debris and leaves. While no one enjoys cleaning gutters, it is a part of your regular metal building maintenance. Use a water hose that provides a good amount of pressure to remove the dirt and other debris. Larger objects need to be removed by hand.

Walk through doors can loosen after heavy usage or as they get older. Be sure the check on the hinges and see that they remain tight. Misalignment of your doors could leave a large gap that would allow bugs or critters to sneak in. Overhead doors also need to remain tight and easy to operate. Check with your door provider if there is any issue with your overhead doors. Make sure all window openings have enough sealant all around them.

Check Insulation

Metal building insulation needs to be inspected to check for damage or to see if any part of it is wet. This is one of the more costly repairs if it happens. Damaged or wet insulation can cause corrosion on the roof or wall panels. It would need to be removed and replaced immediately.

Keep Up with Paint

Touching up or repairing paint is a great way to help maintain the life of your steel building. Any scratches or abrasions usually do not require much work. Simply clean the location of any dirt or dust. Then use acetone to clean the area that needs a paint touch up. It will not take much paint to finish it off. For larger scratches or abrasions, the same instructions apply but you will also want to add an epoxy or urethane primer to the area before touching up the paint.

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