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Metal Building Case Study: 40x60x16 RV and Boat Garage in California

40x60x16 Metal Building Case Study

40x60x16 RV and Boat Garage in California

At Simpson Steel Building Company, we believe in making your building as functional as possible. Whether that means providing a building with multiple different sized door openings or setting up the door openings as a drive-through for getting items in and out easier, we want to help you design a steel building that is going to make your life easier. We recently had a project in Riverside County, California in which our customer was planning on putting several different items in it. Each item was a significantly different size, so we needed to get creative with door sizes for this 40x60x16 metal building.

Building Size

The first step was deciding how large of a steel building we should go with and what type of building structure we should use. A 40x60x16 metal building was the perfect size for this project. That sized steel building allows for 3 overhead door openings all to be placed on one 60’ sidewall. In order to provide a strong, structurally sound building, we went with our patented steel truss frame. This type of building uses the same materials as a rigid frame but costs significantly less in most cases. Our steel truss frame is a red-iron steel building that provides the same strength as the commercial I-beam metal buildings. It is our structural design that allows us to use much less red-iron which helps provide large savings.

Door Openings

Next was determining exactly what size door openings we needed and where would be the best placement. We chose to go with 3 overhead door openings all located on the same 60’ sidewall of the steel building kit. The first size was a 16×10 door opening that would allow parking and storage for both a boat and a truck. Next to that door opening, we needed to add a smaller 8×8 door opening that would be easy access for ATVs to come in and out of. And last, we added a 12×14 sized door opening for our customer to place their fifth wheel in.

Custom Color Selection

After deciding on door opening sizes and locations, the last step we had was picking out colors. Our customer chose one of the best and most popular color combinations. They went with Desert Sand for the walls and Koko brown for the roof and trim. We see this color combination used very frequently as it offers a beautiful look with a little contrast.

This building was a fun one to help with and the end result was great! At Simpson Steel Building Company, we are renowned for providing the highest-quality metal buildings on the market. Let us help customize your perfect steel building project! To get started, request a quote from us today.


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