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A Guide to Steel Mini Storage Buildings: Types, Benefits and Parts

Steel Mini Storage Buildings from Simpson Steel

Steel Mini Storage Buildings | Red and Gray

The mini storage business has become one of the best investment opportunities for entrepreneurs in recent years. Even in times of economic downturn, the activity appears to remain steady. People will always need space to store their things, whether they feel financially comfortable and are buying more or the economy dips and people move around or become displaced. This is just one of many advantages of building your own steel mini storage buildings.

Is Owning a Storage Facility a Good Investment?

Mini storage facilities are exceptionally durable investments, offering a sense of stability. Storage unit buildings are typically made of steel, making it a long-lasting piece of property that should be rentable for years to come. Mini storage facilities generate income from the start and appreciate well in the long run if operated in the right way.

What Size Are Steel Mini Storage Buildings?

Mini storage buildings can be large or small footprints and Simpson Steel Building Company is a great partner for any size that you are considering. The sizes of our mini storage buildings and units can vary for almost any size you need. If you have specific size requirements, we will be able to provide a building that fits.

What Can Mini Storage Buildings Be Used For?

Mini storage can be used in many different types: climate-controlled steel mini storage, standard single-story mini storage, or Boat & RV mini storage. Simpson Steel Building Company has a steel mini storage building for all of your needs. Each commercial building will be specifically designed to match your business needs. Whether you’re expanding your current mini storage business or starting a brand new mini storage business, Simpson Steel will be a great partner and source for your mini storage buildings.

Are There Benefits to Customizing a Mini Storage Building?

The benefits of steel mini storage buildings are numerous. Using a steel building for your mini storage units makes them easier to clean and maintain for the life of the building. Insulating the buildings can help cut energy costs down. Durability for steel building mini storage units is another strong benefit. Our mini storage buildings offer a great protection from elements like pests, rough weather or mold.

There are multiple options for customizing our mini storage buildings. Roll-up doors are the most frequently purchase option. Renters will be storing valuable items in your units so safety and durability will be of utmost importance. Some smaller units may require walk doors rather than roll-up doors. Adding gutters or roof insulation will help keep the buildings well maintained. Simpson Steel Building Company also offers 14 different colors to choose from to help match your buildings to your businesses color schemes!

If you’re interested in purchasing a mini storage building or learning more about costs, please request a quote from Simpson Steel Building Company today!

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