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Steel Building Case Study: 40x60x12 Garage in South Carolina

40x60x12 Metal Building Case Study

40x60x12 metal building

Here at Simpson Steel Building Company, each of us has our own unique hobby that we enjoy. Most of our family enjoys bowling or spending time at the lake, while others consider watching sports a hobby. Everyone out there has some kind of activity that they can easily turn into a hobby for themselves if they choose to. Recently we worked with a wonderful customer who had an incredibly fascinating hobby: he is a rare scooter collector in Abbeville, South Carolina! Keep reading to learn about his unique 40x60x12 metal building project.

Building Size

40x60x12 metal buildingFor our scooter collector in South Carolina, they needed a little over 2,000 square feet total to work with. This gives them plenty of space to store or work on scooters and enough space to add cars or tractors if necessary. We chose a 40x60x12 metal building as this is one of the best price sizes that we offer. Because we are storing scooters and smaller equipment, we did not need a taller building. A 40x60x12 metal building size is not too large but provides over the required amount of space.

Frame Type

To keep expenses down on this building, we chose to go with our patented steel truss frame rather than a rigid frame. Our steel truss frame uses all the same building materials as a rigid frame and provides the same amount of structural support. The steel truss frame just uses less red-iron materials which help cut the price down significantly. It also has the added benefit of faster production time and an easier assembly process. All those benefits combined make it an easy choice for any metal building purchase!

Building Accessories

This was a fairly simple building. Our customer just needed a large 16×10 garage door opening and one regular man door opening on the front gable end. He did not want any windows or other door openings. To help keep his equipment and scooters in a more controlled climate, we added a 6” insulation package to both the walls and the roof. And lastly, we provided stamped engineered plans for the building so our customer was able to easily obtain his building permit from his local permitting authority.

Custom Color

40x60x12 metal buildingTo match our building to the rest of the smaller buildings on the property, we went with crimson red coloring for the walls, trim and roof. Crimson red is a beautiful bright red that really stands out! This project was one of our easier projects and working with such a great customer made the process that much smoother! The end result is fantastic!

Whatever your hobby may be, if you need a metal building to help protect your investments or materials, Simpson Steel will be happy to help! For a storage building that protects your most valuable belongings, you can’t go wrong with a steel truss frame building. To request a quote for a steel truss building from Simpson Steel, please fill out the form here.

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