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7 Advantages of Steel Mini Storage Kits

Steel Mini Storage Kits from Simpson Steel

If you’ve ever rented a storage unit or even just driven by a mini storage facility, you’ll notice a common theme – most mini storage facilities utilize steel building kits for the majority of their structures.  And for good reason.  Pre-engineered and prefabricated steel mini storage kits offer many benefits and advantages that mini storage business owners love.  Here are 7 advantages of steel mini storage building kits:

1.  Economical to buy, build, maintain, and operate

Purchasing your mini storage buildings through a steel building kit company will help you save money from the purchase price all the way through the operating costs. We’ve pre-engineered these kits and when they are prefabricated, all of the parts will be ready to bolt together and assemble.  Maintenance will be very little as all of the materials are steel and will have less deterioration which will help you maintain an easy, steady operating cost.

2.  Quick to Build

Our prefabricated mini storage kits are all pre-measured, pre-cut, and pre-drilled. When you receive your buildings, erecting them is as simple as bolting all of the pieces together just like the old erector sets!  This will save you a ton of time and frustration which in turn also saves you money.

3.  Very Attractive

Using steel building kits for your mini storage buildings always looks fantastic! They give off a very secure vibe because they are metal.  Most customers will feel more comfortable knowing that it is harder for criminals to break into steel buildings.  We also offer a variety of colors which allows your buildings to match up to whichever color you need.

4.  Less Damage

Whatever items your customers may be planning on storing in their units, you can rest assured that using a steel building kit for your buildings is the best way to go. It won’t matter how many items are banging against your walls because the panels will be steel and will not take on much damage at all.

5.  Quick Delivery

Mini storage kits can be delivered in as little as 6-7 weeks from the date you place your deposit. That is a very quick turn around time.  With delivery this fast, you should be able to get your steel mini storage buildings up and operating much quicker so you can start renting the units and bring in the profits!

6.  Easily Expandable

One of the most underrated aspects of using steel building kits for mini storage buildings is that they can be easily expanded at anytime. Once your business is up and running and doing well, simply order another mini storage kit that will easily attach to the old kit and you’re all set!

7.  Strong and Long Lasting

It’s a well known fact by now that steel buildings are the strongest and longest lasting buildings available.  Because of their durability, it just makes sense to use a steel building for a type of building that will have high usage and a lot of traffic.  Using a steel building kit for your mini storage will provide you with a long lasting durability that will save you a ton of money on repairs

Whether you are just getting started with your mini storage business, or you are expanding an already successful mini storage business, Simpson Steel Buildings can provide you with the best steel building kit at the best price on the market!  Request a mini storage building quote or contact us for more information now!

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