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Customizing Your Steel Building: Which Accessories Do You Need?

Customizing Your Steel Building

Customizing Your Steel Building: Which Accessories Do You Need?

When you are considering customizing your steel building, you will quickly find out there are several features that can be added to your steel building.  Some features or accessories will meet a functional need, while others will help make the building more aesthetically appealing.  Simpson Steel Building Company does a fantastic job of leading you in the right direction to help you get everything you need without wasting money on items you do not need.  Below we will cover a few features that are most asked about:

Liner Panel

Liner panels are steel panels that line the interior walls of your steel building.  We use a 3’ wide panel that is 29 gauge.  It can be any height that you want it to be.  The liner panel will be screwed to the framing.  We will include a base girt at the bottom of the metal building to provide a connection point at the bottom.  Most of our customers take the liner panel up about 6 to 8 feet.  We have seen plenty of customers that take the liner panels up the entire sidewall and even on the roof. Liner panels provide a cleaner, more finished appearance inside your steel building while also providing a protective barrier over the insulation.


Wainscoting is added to a steel building purely to make the building more aesthetically pleasing.  A wainscot is added to the bottom 4’ of your steel building.  It adds appeal to what is usually a dull, monotone area by breaking up the wall into different colors.  Most customers tend to keep the wainscot, trim, and roof all the same color while making the main wall color something different.  We have seen instances where our customers add their own masonry or lumber to create their own wainscot as well.  Wainscoting provides an inexpensive method of adding a beautiful feature to your steel building.

Roof Overhangs

Roof overhangs offer two types of advantages for your steel building.  They meet a functional need. And they make the building more aesthetically appealing.  Simpson Steel Building Company offers an 18” overhang that can be added to all 4 sides or just 1 or 2 sides depending on your need.  Overhangs help push water off the siding which helps keep water further away from your building.  This further helps you avoid any water seeping under the building and helps protect your foundation.  At the same time, we include a soffit underneath our overhangs.  The overhangs and soffit can really make a building look much more home-y rather than like a shed.

Be sure to request a quote with any features or accessories that you are considering for your next steel building project. You can learn about more of our additional features by contacting Simpson Steel Building Company today!

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