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Steel Buildings for RV and Boat Storage

RV and Boat Storage Steel Buildings

In America, we love our recreation time!  Owning a boat and spending summers on the lake have long been a favorite activity in the U.S.  Owning an RV of some sort has also been very popular, but recent years show more and more people are purchasing campers.  Finding a place to store your boat or camper is tough.  Using steel buildings for RV and boat storage and protection is easily the best solution!

Residential Steel Buildings for RV’s and Boats

If you have enough space on your property to add your own garage and use it for boat and RV storage, a steel building kit is ideal.  Simpson Steel Building’s patented steel truss frame kits are capable of housing the biggest RV and any recreational boat comfortably.  Our buildings allow for garage doors on one side of the building or on multiple sides.  For boats and RV’s, the most popular overhead door set up is a “drive-through” setup.  Putting overhead doors in line with each other on opposite ends of the building allows for easier ins and outs with your boats or RV’s.  Nobody enjoys having to back a trailer or RV in or out of a garage.

Most of our customers turn their boat or RV garage into a multi-purpose building and use it for extra storage or workshop space as well.  This gives you a safe, well protected space for your RV and boat along with plenty of space for other cars, ATVs, jet skis or camping and other equipment.  We even have customer use the other half of their steel buildings as game rooms, man caves, she-sheds, etc.

Commercial Steel Buildings for RV’s and Boats

If you do not have enough space on your property to add your own steel building or if your HOA has rules against having one, you’ll find that there are plenty of options out there for you to store your RV and boat.

The self-storage industry has been a booming industry for years.  Self-storage companies are now capitalizing on their customers need to find a place to store their RV or boat.  If you own a mini-storage business or are planning on beginning one, now is the time to add larger units for RV and Boat storage to your business.  The boating industry is just too large of an industry for self-storage business owners to ignore.

Why use Simpson Steel Buildings for your Steel Building Kits?

  • Garage Build with RV StorageSimpson Steel building kits are completely bolt together kits. No welding is required, and you will not need a crane typically either.  This makes for a quicker build time and should help you save money.
    • Our kits re fabricated and delivered quicker than most of the steel building industry.
  • All parts are cut, measured, and marked during fabrication to help with quicker and less confusing assembly.
  • Simpson Steel Building kits can meet all local building codes and we ship anywhere in the U.S.

Contact us to discuss your steel building kits for RV garages and boat storage or request a quote for one of our patented steel truss frames today!

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