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A Do-It-Yourself Multi-Functional Steel Building Kit

Do-It-Yourself Steel Building Kit

Steel building kits are extremely versatile buildings. They can be used for just about any project.  Customers frequently use Simpson Steel Building kits as a multi-functional steel building kit that serve more than one purpose.  The flexibility and versatility of steel buildings makes them very easy to adapt for any use.  Clear span interiors provide building owners with unlimited possibilities.  The space can be used for whatever you need.

The Multi-Functional Steel Building Kit!

We’ve seen it all.  New combinations never stop coming in.  Here’s just a few ideas of the different purposes our steel truss frames help combine into one building:

  • Gardening and Potting
  • Guest apartment
  • Gym or exercise room
  • Man Cave, she-shed, or hobby area
  • Media room
  • Home business
  • Party room
  • Private office
  • Vehicle space for RV’s, cars, boats, and ATVs
  • Well house
  • Workshop with plenty of space for organizing tools
  • Storage space

The thing that makes steel buildings an even better choice for a multi-functional building is that your needs for the building may change over time.  Steel building kits are very adaptable and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make changes. There are no load-bearing walls involved so you are free to change your interior layout anytime you feel the need.

The adaptability of a steel building kit is a great feature.  It will give you better resale value in the long run as well.  Future property owners most likely will not need to use the building in the same way you will so they will appreciate purchasing a building that can easily be modified.

Biggest Advantages of Steel Buildings

The end use that you have in mind for your building matters very little. Simpson Steel Building Company still has the best kit for you.  Here are several advantages our buildings hold over our competition:

  • Steel is easily the most durable building material, allowing it to resist damage from the elements such as window, snow, mold, fire, termites, and earthquakes.
  • It spans farther than wood between the columns and creates an open, versatile space.
  • Fewer materials and pieces are required yet the building is much stronger.
  • Steel building kits require very little maintenance and upkeep.
  • All Simpson Steel Building kits are manufactured in a quality-controlled factory.  Your materials will be straight and uniform and will never lose shape.
  • Our kits ship directly to you and all materials are clearly marked.
  • Simpson Steel Building kits are very competitively priced and we know you will have a tough time finding a kit that is less-expensive than ours.

Do-It-Yourself Design

While all of our building kits are custom designed for each of our customers, Simpson Steel Building kits are very well priced.  To top off your savings, do-it-yourselfers that are erecting our building kits themselves find they cut even more costs by not having to hire a contractor.

If you are paying close attention to your budget, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of Simpson’s patented Steel Truss Frame.  It is a much more DIY friendly kit and delivery of these buildings is very fast.

Order Your Mult-Functional Steel Building Kit Today!

Whether you have your building design already ready to go or you need some help or inspiration from us, Simpson Steel Building Company is ready to help you save money while providing the best kit you’ll get for your money!

Please request a quote for one of our buildings or contact us today! Our phone number is 800-255-7624

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