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Steel Building Case Study: 20x42x16 RV Steel Garage in California

20x42x16 RV Steel Garage in California

RV’s, boats, and campers are some of our most beloved and valuable possessions. We frequently receive requests for building kits our customers would like to use to store and protect these items and the memories they hold. If you are planning on making a large investment on one of these items, it just makes sense to store and protect them in a safe, durable, and secure steel building. Simpson Steel Building Company recently worked with an amazing customer in southern California that needed a structure in which to store their 38′ RV camper. We ended up providing a perfect 20x42x16 RV steel garage for them.

The projected location of the property had some limitations on the space where the garage could be erected, so we had to get creative with the dimensions to maximize square footage. After some discussion, we settled on a 20′ wide by 42′ long by 16′ tall building. The 20′ width allowed for a wide enough door opening on a gable end and provided 4′ of comfortable space on each side of the RV once parked inside. The 42′ length allowed the RV to back into the building with enough space in front and behind the RV. The 16′ height allowed for a 14′ tall door opening which is necessary for most newer RVs.

One question our client had was: “How does your patented steel truss frame compare to the square tubular carport style buildings?” We explained that our steel truss frame building kits use all red-iron steel structural components. These components are much stronger and more durable than any component being used in the square tubular carport type buildings. If you are planning on storing an expensive or sentimental piece of equipment in a building, we highly recommend using a red-iron building kit rather than a carport type of building kit. While red-iron kits are slightly more expensive than the square tubular kits, the peace of mind you’ll get knowing you purchased a much higher quality building that better withstands the elements to protect your RV will be well worth it.

Once we decided on the size of the building and building type, it was time to decide on door opening sizes and locations. Because this particular building is strictly an RV garage, we put one 12′ wide by 14′ tall door opening located on the gable end wall. We added a 3×7 man door opening and a 3×3 window opening on one sidewall as well.

Next, we decided to add gutters & downspouts on the sidewalls to help push water away from the building and foundation. With the accessories out of the way, it was time to have some fun and select colors for the building. Our client had a tan house, so they chose our saddle tan color for the wall panels, roof panels, and trim materials. Coincidentally, this color also blended in great with the color of their RV!

Lastly, we discussed their permitting needs for buildings. California has some of the stricter permitting requirements in the U.S. for buildings, so we had to be sure we were providing a building that met the correct snow load, wind load, and seismic category. Then we needed to be sure we were providing all the necessary engineering documentation. Our customer had never done this before, so we provided some engineering forms that helped them have these conversations with their local permit authority. They were very grateful for our guidance, and the permitting phase for their building was much easier than they expected. Double checking all the permitting information up front is key to ensuring no unexpected headaches occur during the building phase, and give you the peace of mind that your building is built to your areas specific standards.

Whether you need a building to store a boat or an RV, or you need a building to store multiple different toys or vehicles, Simpson Steel Building Company can help you design a building kit that fits your needs. Request a quote for one of our steel truss frame buildings or contact us today to get started!

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