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Steel Buildings are the Best Choice for Horse Barns or Equestrian Structures

Steel Building Horse Barns

Horse owners have plenty of responsibilities and considerations when it comes to properly caring for and protecting their livelihood.  Steel building horse barns, stables, and equestrian structures are the favored building types to house horses.  A Simpson Steel Building company red-iron kit has proven to be a time test tested structure that perspective equestrians know and love.  We provide a sturdier steel frame while also using more economical building materials in our day and age.

Why Choose a metal horse stable or metal barn kit?

1.  Flexibility: Simpson Steel’s metal building kits allow horse stables and barns to be any length and any width.  We aren’t a one-trick pony here.  We offer a steel truss frame and a rigid frame option depending on the size and design of structure needed.  Adding on to a metal building kit can be very simple and more cost effective than other traditional options.

2.  Customizability:  Horse barns need unobstructed spaces inside to provide the safest and most comfortable living environment for the animals.  Metal building kits span large widths without needing any interior supports.  Simpson’s steel truss frame building kit spans up to 50′ wide while our rigid frame kits can span up to 300′ wide without needing any interior support columns.  This gives you a perfect setting for riding or training arenas.  It also allows you to customize how and where you want your horse stalls to be set up.

3.  Pricing:  Using a steel building kit allows you to reign in as many cost savings as you can.  No need to pony up more cash than is necessary.  A Simpson Steel building creates one of the strongest horse barn building kits by using the strongest steel available while also requiring less material to complete the buildout of the structure.  These two factors combine to equal a more durable and cost-efficient building.

4.  Quick and Easy Assembly:  The majority of horse owners are typically very good with do-it-yourself type projects.  Simpson Steel Building Company’s building kits are designed as a D-I-Y type of design which allows future customers the ability to erect the buildings themselves.  This can be a major money saver.  Put your mind to it and you should have our building erected quicker than Seabiscuit with an oversized jockey on his back!

5.  Low Maintenance:  Regardless of how many horses you have or are planning to have, you will want to spend more time with your herd rather than wasting time having to always repair or repaint your structure.  Simpson Steel Building Company’s horse barn kits require very little maintenance due to their all-steel construction.

6.  Durability:  Simpson Steel’s building kits have proven they can stand the test of time.  Our structures use red-iron steel and other materials that are resistant to damage from extreme weather, fire, mold, earthquakes and termites.  Our steel stud’s will keep your stud’s happy and comfortable for a long time.

Trust Simpson Steel Building Company with the customization and design of your Horse Barn or Riding Arena.  We aren’t horsing around with these great prices!  Saddle up and Request A Quote or Contact Us today!

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