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Steel Building Case Study: 40x60x16 Agricultural Equipment Storage in Oregon

40x60x16 Steel Building Case Study

Steel Building Case Study: 40x60x16 Agricultural Equipment Storage in Oregon

Farming and agricultural equipment are awfully expensive items. To keep these items in great shape and in working order for as long as possible, it is essential to have a good storage building or garage in which to keep them in. The protection that a covered building offers to agricultural equipment cannot be overstated. Recently, we worked with a great family in Oregon on a 40x60x16 steel building. They have a large amount of land that is used primarily for agricultural purposes which means they need a good building to store all their equipment in.

When considering our rigid frame buildings and our patented steel truss frame buildings, the steel truss frame made the most sense both financially and regarding style preference for this project. Our customers were thrilled to see the sizable price difference between a rigid frame and our steel truss frame. Being able to get the same strength and durability as a rigid frame steel building but for a much lower price is incredibly attractive.

Load Requirements

In Oregon, one of the biggest obstacles steel building manufacturers must deal with is following the state’s strict snow and wind load requirements. Each city and county have different requirements and they are typically a little higher than our standard building is designed for. In this area, there is a 30 lb. ground snow load requirement and a 110-mph wind load requirement. To meet these requirements with our steel truss frame, we needed to add one extra truss to the building for the snow load increase along with strategically placed cable bracing for the wind load increase.

Building Size

Once we determined the style of building, we wanted and confirmed the snow and wind load requirements, we then chose the size of the building needed. Our customers have several different pieces of equipment needing to be stored so we could not go too small. Ultimately, we decided on a 40x60x16 steel building with 2 large overhead door openings, one a 14×14 in size and the other a 10×10 in size. Our customers also wanted to give the building a seamless look and have it blend in with the beautiful forest surroundings, so we provided extra wall paneling for them to attach to the overhead doors and chose the colors saddle tan for the walls and koko brown for the trim. This steel building looked fantastic tucked away and surrounded by a ton of fir trees!


To help with heating and cooling purposes, we added a 3” insulation package for both the roof and the walls. This is the perfect thickness of insulation for our buildings as it fits directly in between the roof and wall sheeting and the building structure. Any thicker and the insulation needs to be cut around the steel building structure when it is being installed. We also added 2 window openings for extra ventilation if needed as well as to provide extra natural lighting inside.

Our customers are very handy and followed our building manual perfectly. You can follow along with their progress in the pictures below!

If you want your building to last as long as your equipment, you should go with a steel building! To request a steel truss quote from Simpson Steel Building Company, please fill out the form here.

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