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4 Advantages of Structural Steel Buildings

Steel Frame Structure Advantages

Steel Truss Frame Structure

Pre-engineered steel buildings are economical for almost every low-rise construction project, cutting costs on each phase of construction. Being both practical and affordable is just the beginning of steel frame structures advantages that a steel building has to offer over using any other construction material available. Below are a few steel frame structures advantages to consider for your next project.


Structural steel buildings are superior in strength to concrete or wood-frame buildings and they do not age or decay. Their tensile strength make for a much lighter building requiring a less substantial (and expensive) foundation. Because steel is so durable and requires so little maintenance, it is a more economic choice for anyone considering which type of material they should use for their building project. Maintenance fees, repairs, and replacements are minimal for steel buildings – even over the course of 50 years or more. This will save steel building owners thousand to tens of thousands of dollars over the building’s lifetime.

Due to a steel buildings almost unrivaled ability to withstand high winds, heavy snow loads, fire and seismic activities, combined with their resistance to pests and decay, insurance companies often offer lower rates on policies written for steel buildings. Steel buildings also stay straight and true for decades which helps them retain their value for longer than any other type of building structure.

Because steel buildings require far fewer pieces of framing than wood, there is less weight on the foundation. Less weight means less settling and therefore less chance of the foundation needing to be repaired down the road as it will last longer.

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Steel buildings are assembled by bolting or welding the pieces together on-site as soon as they are delivered as opposed to concrete which takes weeks to cure before construction can continue. Distribution of a building’s compression and tension stress among steel beams allows architects and engineers more freedom with design space.

Every client wants their building to come in under budget and ahead of schedule. Steel building parts are pre-engineered to a specific design inside the manufacturing plant and are shipped out, ready to be erected, which drastically speeds up construction time and allows you to finish your project sooner.

Simpson Steel Building Company’s fabrication process is highly quality controlled which allows your project managers to place their attention on other issues and the pre-cut, ready to assemble parts eliminate the need for measuring and cutting on site. This also helps take out the element of human error which reduces the total time spent assembling something just to find out in need to be re-measured, cut and installed again.


Structural steel components are dependable, consistent, and simple to erect. This streamlined efficiency transfers to saved time and money, as well as an earlier return on investment and reduced interest charges.

Shorter construction periods for your steel building kit also facilitate less of a disruption to the neighborhood of the site being developed. Opting for a structural steel building can save the developer money on community public relations and government building permits.

Steel buildings allow for reduced insurance rates. Steel buildings resist damage from high winds, earthquakes, heavy snow loads, rain, termites, wood ants, vermin, fire, lightning, and mold much better than any other construction materials. Because of this, insurance companies offer large discounts on rates for steel buildings.


Due to their off-site fabrication and straightforward assembly, erecting a structural steel building at the construction site is inherently safer to manage.

While steel is non-combustible, the material comes completely coated in fire-resistant material due to international building code requirements. Water-resistant coatings are also advisable to prevent structural steel from corroding. Fire-resistant coatings are typically also water-resistant. Structural steel an ideal choice for residential buildings because they lack porosity, leaving no opportunity for mold and mildew growth.

Structural steel buildings have many advantages and are dependent on two factors matching up: the quality of the materials and the experience level of the builder. If these two pieces of the puzzle come together correctly, steel building owners are going to benefit from a very attractive and well-designed building that is both durable and sustainable.

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