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Steel Building Case Study: 40x60x14 Workshop and Garage in California

40x60x14 Metal Building in California

40x60x14 Metal Building in California

We recently worked with an amazing customer in Madera, CA, and provided them with an exceptional building that met all their needs! Our client required a building that included a workshop and storage, as well as a garage for vehicles, a camper, and a boat. After several discussions together, we designed a size 40x60x14 metal building with the color choice of saddle tan for both the building walls and the trim.

They chose to go with our patented steel truss frame building style as it was the better and more economically priced option. This size and style of building would allow plenty of space for the camper and boat to be stored, while still leaving room for a spacious workshop!


Window and Door Openings

40x60x14 Metal Building in CaliforniaOnce we decided on the size of the building, it was time to talk about the door and window opening sizes and locations. Ultimately, our customer went with three 10×12 sized door openings. Two of the overhead doors were used for entry for the camper and boat. We placed these strategically on the left side of the front gable end as that worked best for his property and building placement. The third door was placed on the front sidewall of the building to allow for easy entry for regular vehicles. Additionally, we placed two regular man doors on the front sidewall. In terms of windows, we added a window on the front gable and front sidewall to allow extra lighting.

Lean-To Addition

40x60x14 Metal Building in California

Our customer also strongly desired having an outdoor workspace to use when the weather is nice. To accommodate this request, we added a 10’ wide by 20’ long lean-to on the 60’ sidewall. Simpson Steel Building Company offers two types of lean-tos for our steel building kits. Our lean-to’s can either be a 3:12 roof pitch or a 1:12 roof pitch. In addition, you can choose to have the lean-to continue straight off the roof or you can lower the lean-to starting point to somewhere on the sidewall as this customer in California decided to do.

Roof and Wall Insulation

40x60x14 Metal Building in CaliforniaAnother feature for our customer’s steel building is that it needed to be insulated in order to serve multiple purposes such as storage, garage parking and a workshop. In Madera, the weather can be warm at times, and storing things or working in a non-insulated steel building is less than ideal. Simpson Steel Building Company offers four different thicknesses for insulation: 2”, 3”, 4” and 6”. Our customer chose to go with the 3” thick insulation package for both the roof and the walls. This amount of insulation should be perfect for California!

Local Permit Requirements

The last item we helped coordinate with our customer was obtaining approval for the building with their local permit authority. To do our part for his location, we provided him with Stamped Engineered Drawings as well as Stamped Engineered Foundation Plans. These plans are not always required for permitting. However, there are some locations that require extra engineering for permitting. You will need to speak with your local building permit authority to know what engineering documentation is required for your location.

The result for this 40x60x14 building was perfect and the building looks fantastic! Our customer was thrilled with his final product and is enjoying his exceptional Simpson Steel building!

If you would like to inquire about your own building project, please contact us at Simpson Steel Building Company today or request a building quote!

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