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Erecting a Steel Frame Building in the Winter

Commonly Asked Questions About Erecting a Steel Frame Building in Inclement Weather

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Winter is coming! Luckily for the world we live in, we do not have to worry about white walkers or evil zombies coming to attack us during the winter. If you’re erecting a steel frame building in the winter, however, you do have some items you’ll want to take into account as you plan out your process. Simpson Steel Building Company offers a steel truss frame building that is designed as a DIY type of building kit. Because it is made of up all steel components, it can be installed any time throughout the year!

As you plan out your steel building process, here are six items that you will want to take into consideration and be prepared for.

1.) How soon should I pour concrete?

erecting a steel building in winter

Concrete needs to be poured before it gets too cold. Simpson Steel buildings can be installed at any time of the year, even when it is cold out. Concrete, on the other hand, needs to be planned for ahead of cold weather. Frozen ground does not allow concrete to be poured. Concrete should be poured around the late fall just before the temperature drops. This should allow you to build on your own schedule during winter.

2.) How does steel perform in cold weather?

Steel is fine in cold weather. Simpson Steel buildings use entirely steel materials – other than insulation, all our materials can withstand freezing temperatures for any amount of time so there isn’t any need for you to be concerned with leaving the materials out in the cold. You will want to make an effort to keep snow or moisture off of the components but being out in the cold is fine.

3.) What should I do with insulation during the winter?

steel building winter

Insulation needs to be protected. Insulation can be damaged quickly by moisture or harsh weather if it is not stored and protected properly. Either be sure that you have a fully covered and well-sealed location to store your insulation in OR have your building kit supplier hold off on shipping the insulation until it is ready to be installed.

4.) How much time should I set aside for construction?

Give yourself extra time on your planned schedule. Inclement weather can play a big role in when you complete your steel building construction. Taking that into consideration, add some extra time in how long you plan to take to get the building fully erected. At Simpson Steel Building Company, we really think this is an advantage! It allows for greater flexibility in getting the building up. Typically, winters do not consist of fall farming, spring cleaning or vacations in the summer so odds are you have a little extra time in your schedule as well.

5.) Is it safe to construct a steel building in winter?

steel building winter

Be sure to take extra caution during construction. Any kind of rough weather can make putting a building up more difficult and a little less safe. Ice and snow require much more focus and many more safety precautions to be added to your normal building process. Roof work in particular should be postponed until all of the ice and snow has passed or been removed.

6.) Does steel building cost vary depending on the season?

Take advantage of the great prices! Like we mentioned above, if you have your concrete work completed before winter sets in, erecting a steel frame building kit in the winter will be great. One thing we have not mentioned is that typically prices on Simpson Steel building kits are better in the winter – not just for the building material itself, but also for any workers or contracts that you decide to hire. At Simpson Steel Building Company, if you are unable to get your concrete poured before winter sets in, you can still take advantage of the great pricing by purchasing your building now and waiting until spring to have it delivered.

Simpson Steel Building Company is proud to be a trusted steel building manufacturer serving all 50 states, Canada and Central America. Look no further for the highest quality steel buildings in the industry. To inquire about a steel truss frame, please request a quote today.

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