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Constructing a Metal Building: Contractor or Do-It-Yourself?

Contractor or DIY When Constructing a Metal Building

Steel Building in Process

Being your own general contractor for your metal building project can provide many benefits. Simpson Steel Building Company does not offer an installation service for our buildings, but we do provide a very detailed erection manual and building plan along with all of the building materials. This allows you to turn your steel building project into a do-it-yourself type of project if you want. Once your materials arrive and you begin work on your steel building, our team will be available for any questions that come up! Here are two options available to you when constructing a metal building kit from Simpson Steel Building Company.

Hire a Local General Contractor

constructing a metal buildingIf you are looking for a service that provides a turnkey installation for your metal building, search for a local general contractor and let them take over. As with any service, this will come with a price. If you decide to buy your metal building from a contractor, you’ll be paying them in return for a turnkey building installation.

General contractors oversee all parts of your project from purchasing the concrete to hiring a local erection crew to put the building together. Typically the contractor is going to mark up their prices which can result in some very high costs. The price you pay will lead to your metal building being put up and ready for you to take over with a very small amount of work on your end.

Do-It-Yourself with a Simpson Steel Metal Building Kit

constructing a metal building - DIYSimpson Steel Building Company’s patented steel truss design offers you the ability to become your own general contractor. Our building was designed as a “do-it-yourself” type of building kit. This allows you to simply hire local tradespeople and avoid the cost of hiring a G.C.

If you decide to buy directly from a manufacturer, you will in turn have more control over your project. You’ll get to choose which concrete company you go with and how much you pay them. You can even hire your own crew to put the building up or erect it yourself! Handling all of these items on your own can save you a ton of money on your project. If you’ve never erected a steel building before, download our erection manual and dive through it to get a better idea of what is involved. Or give us a call and we’ll explain the building process.

Contact Simpson Steel Building Company

If you are constructing a metal building, whether you decide to put your steel building kit together yourself or hire a local contractor, Simpson Steel Building Company is here to help answer any questions that come up throughout the process. Contact us to discuss your metal building project today!

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