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Steel Building Case Study: 30x60x16 Hay Barn in Oregon

30x60x16 Steel Building Case Study

red steel building

Exterior View of Red Storage BuildingSimpson Steel Building Company helps design and provide steel building kits for all types of industries.  Agricultural steel buildings are one of our main focuses and our buildings are perfectly suited for farms or ranches no matter what you plan on storing in the buildings.  About a year ago, we were fortunate enough to meet a customer who needed a 30x60x16 steel building to make a hay barn out of in Winston, Oregon.  We needed to provide a budget friendly building that could shelter hay while also providing easy access for horses to walk up and eat and easy access for our customer to get in and out of with new bails of hay.

Building Size and Style

Roof InteriorThe first step of this project was determining how large of a building was needed.  We ended up choosing a 30x60x16 sized steel building after considering how many horses our customer has and how much hay would be stored in the barn at one time.  This sized building also allowed for room on one end of the building for our customer to store any kind of equipment they had such as a tractor or even just a utility vehicle.  To save money, we also chose to use a patented Simpson Steel Truss Frame.  Our red-iron truss frames provide the same durability, strength, and functionality as rigid frames, but come at a much lower price.

Building Colors and Door Openings

Front View of Storage BuildingThe next step involved determining what size door openings our customer wanted and what color he wanted the steel building to be.  The farm this building is going on has a lot of traditionally colored barns so we chose to go with Rustic red for the walls, trim and roof in order to match the rest of the buildings.  Being that the main purpose of this building is to be a hay barn, door openings were not of major importance except for the size.  Our customer asked for large, 16×14 door openings on each gable end to provide easy access for his equipment.  He did not plan on putting up any actual doors so we just provided steel framed openings.

Custom Features

Side View Garage with Overhang | Environmental Impact SteelAt Simpson Steel Building Company, we try our best to meet all of our customers needs and requests.  We do not typically provide a building with any type of open sides.  Doing so can sometimes leave the buildings structural integrity at risk.  Our customer in Oregon needed a building that had sections of the sidewalls open in order to allow his horses to come up to the side of the barn to eat.  We were not able to fully remove the entire sidewall for them, but we found a good compromise and allowed our customer to have the bottom 10′ of the sidewalls open as long as he left the columns in place.  From there, our customer also decided to add his own covered lean-to’s to help give his animals cover if it was raining. We did not provide his lean-to posts, but we did provide extra roof sheeting for him to use.

In the end, this steel building turned out to be very unique and worked perfectly for our customer.  It’s not every day that we are introduced to something new so it was refreshing to have our customer bringing in different ideas to the table.  We would love to hear your ideas and help design and plan your steel building project, too!  Request a quote or contact us today!

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