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Steel Building Case Study: 50x80x16 Truck Service Garage in Florida

50x80x16 Truck Service Garage in Florida

Trying to fit everything you need into one building can be very hard.  Getting the right size steel building and setting it up to be as efficient as possible is the key to success.  Simpson Steel Building Company has the skills and know-how needed to help design and organize your metal garage and shop in a way that will make the best use of your building space.  Recently, we worked with a wonderful client in Florida who was looking to use a steel building to create a 50x80x16 truck service garage.

Staying within budget was our primary concern while finding a way to fit 4 large door openings and still have a section of the building dedicated to storage and open space.  Our patented red-iron steel truss frame was the perfect solution to minimize costs while maintaining design integrity.  Because this was an RV repair shop, the depth of the metal garage needed to be 50’ deep.  80’ of length was the maximum the budget allowed for so we had to make use of this 4,000 square foot space as best we could.  RVs typically require a 12’ wide by 14’ tall garage door for access.  We needed to fit 4 of these doors on the same sidewall while also allowing a good-sized section off to one end of the building that could store materials and have some open space.  The location also has a higher-than-normal wind load requirement of 130 mph.  To help with both items, we added an extra truss.  This gave the building more strength and allowed us to adjust the door opening layout the way we needed it.

We created four total 15’ bays in the right 60’ of building space and kept he left 20’ of building space open without any door openings.  The setup ended up being perfect as it gave our customer 4 service bays to work in, still gave them a large section for material storage and open space and kept the budget down by sticking with a 50x80x16 sized metal building.  The 15’ service bays allowed the perfect amount of space for large car lifts to be placed directly between each truss frame.

Now that we had the overall functionality and door layout finalized, it was time to work on the aesthetics.  Because this will be a service shop business, our client wanted to spruce the building up a bit while staying within their budget. They still wanted to keep it basic, but appealing.  We added 18” roof overhangs with soffit all the way around and went with a Cobalt Blue color selection on the walls and trim.  These options really gave the building a standout look.

Lastly, our client was putting their building in Florida, where building departments do require permits and can sometimes be very picky.  We helped lead our customer to verifying that we had the correct wind load requirement that would allow the building permit to be approved.  We then partnered with our engineers to fulfil the required permitting items, reducing hassle in the overall building process.

Simpson Steel Building Company always finds a way to meet our customers demands!  Feel free to design your own building using our 3D design tool, or if you need help, contact us today!  Requesting a quote for one of our steel truss frames has never been easier!

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