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Inventorying Your Steel Building Kit is Very Important

4 Reasons Doing an Inventory On Your Building Kit Materials Is So Important

Purchasing a new steel building kit is a very exciting moment.  Pre-engineered metal building kits are being used for all sorts of purposes.  Whether you are buying agricultural steel building kits or a metal garage building kit, or even purchasing a metal building to turn into your dream home, you will most likely have a sizable amount of money invested in your project.  One of your first and most important tasks to complete after you have purchased your building is to take a full and complete inventory upon delivery of materials.  Here are four reasons why the initial inventory of your steel building kit is so important:

1.)  A prompt inventory allows manufacturers to fix mistakes quickly.  Almost all pre-engineered steel building kit companies will have a condition in their purchase agreement that stipulates a specific time window after delivery in which to completely inventory the quantity and quality of your materials.  This gives the client adequate time to report any missing or damaged items with minimal risk of being responsible for additional fees.  If reported after the specified time window, the steel plant must assume materials were misplaced or mishandled by the customer, and no one wants that!  Here at Simpson Steel Building Company, we allow our customer up to 10 days after delivery to check that all materials have been received and are in good condition.  Remember, it is vital that you complete your inventory fully and report any issues within this window to avoid any questions about materials being lost or damaged after delivery.  We highly encourage you to take broad pictures of your bundled materials as they are on the truck when it arrives, a picture of every bundle immediately after you offload them, and any pictures of damaged materials.  This helps in the rare instance that there are delivery issues or discrepancies.

2.)  Construction and your project timeline could be delayed due to missing materials.  Finding out you are missing materials in the middle of construction can cost you time you cannot get back.  Everyone wants to get their steel building kit erected as fast as possible.  Inventorying your materials as soon as they arrive allows you to ask the manufacturer to provide any missing items or damaged items ahead of the time you plan to erect the building.  This will help ensure that your project timeline stays in place by removing project-stopping bottlenecks and removing at least one item that could cause a delay.

3.)  Inventorying your materials early avoids extra costs in rental equipment and contractor fees.  As stated above, failing to establish an early inventory, and then realizing components are missing or damaged in the middle of erecting your building will most likely cause a delay.  As the adage states, “Time is Money”, and sadly this is truer than ever when facing any kind of delay in the erection of your pre-engineered metal building kit.  Simpson Steel Building Company will work to replace or provide any damaged or missing materials from the initial delivery.  These materials can sometimes take a few weeks to fabricate and re-ship.  During that time, you may have to return and re-rent equipment. Contractors may also change their fees to leave your job site and come back later.  Had an inventory been done in the very beginning, your building kit manufacturer could have gotten all missing materials to you well ahead of when you started erecting your building, thus helping you avoid these potential increased fees.

4.)  The building process will be uninterrupted, making it a much smoother process.  Any sort of delay or interruption to your building process can be both frustrating and demoralizing.  Making sure you have all the correct materials ready to go before you start building is one of the most important tasks to complete.  At Simpson Steel Buildings, we check in a few times after your building has been delivered to make sure everything is going well and to answer any questions that you’ve come up with while putting hte building up.  The most common item that we hear frustrates a customer is when they find they are missing a piece of the building.  Our kits are manufactured in a computerized, factory process that eliminates almost all errors and missing items.  On occasion, an error can occur though.  Perform an inventory as soon as you receive your materials so we can fix any issues for you before you start building.

Make it one of your top priorities to inventory and document all your materials as soon as they arrive so your steel building kit provider can replace any necessary materials as soon as possible to avoid these issues.  You can also check out our post that details the best way to inventory your building materials.  Please request a quote or contact us when you are ready to discuss your building.  We even have a 3D design tool that helps you envision your next dream building!

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